This article is a comprehensive guide, from start to finish, on how to deploy a Java library to Maven Central so everyone can use it by including the dependency in their project(s).

It goes without saying that there has to be a Java library for it to be uploaded. Hence, the first thing is creating a Java library that’s unique, of quality code standard, and that will be beneficial to the developer community. Of course, you’ve got that already — that’s why you’re reading this after all (or maybe you’re planning on creating one).

In summary, to upload a shiny…

In this article, we’re going to look at how to access the log files of a CodeIgniter application via a web browser or Postman (API calls). This is a follow-up article to this first article that I published on medium.

Being able to easily read log files on a live server is a vital tool in a developer’s toolbox. It can boost the quality of emergency readiness and response.

We’ll be achieving our aim with the help of the codeigniter-log-viewer library. It can be installed, via composer, by simply running:

composer require seunmatt/codeigniter-log-viewer

This post assumes you have a deployed…

In this article, we’re going to be looking at mysql-backup4j, a very flexible Java library that we can use to back-up our database periodically.

Once our app is in production, we can’t afford to not have a timely backup in case of eventualities. Usually, what makes the process somewhat arduous is if we have to manually trigger the process all the time.

Imagine a scenario in which we have both automated and manual processes of database backup — that’s what we’re about to do.

2. Dependency Installation

Let’s add the dependency to our project’s pom.xml:


The latest version…

Why upload the file, when all you need is the data in it? Cleaner, faster avoid connection timeouts, corrupted data just by adding excel_uploader js

1. Overview

Doing bulk upload of data from excel files reliably can be a nut-job at times. This is how to tame the beast with a simple JavaScript library.

Instead of first uploading the entire file to the server and then processing it, this library will save you some bandwidth by processing the file on the local machine and uploading the extracted data (which is what you actually want) to the server in a batch.

Because it…

Spring Boot is an awesome Java web framework that is very comparable to Laravel web framework (in PHP). They both aim at making web application development fast and less rigorous for a developer.

I am a Java lover that courts Laravel due to professional requirements. Laravel framework has a feature that lets you create database seeders — i.e. default data to be inserted into the database during application installation.

Let’s set out to achieve the same thing in Spring Boot. …

I heard you are about giving up on your dreams — read this first

Men do have a noble cause, a big dream, an Idea that is raging in the man within the man. Life has not been fair, refusing to hand it over on a platter of gold — with some cherries on top.

Life, at times, can be a nasty monster. Hurling hurdles over and over again until the once vibrant soul becomes weary in pursuit of the ultimate. The light that once burns bright is fast becoming a shadow.

Now doeth a man be tempted to utter…

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In this article, we will be looking at how to work with the Formstack’s REST API v2. We will be using the fstackapi_php PHP package that I built to simplify the process.

How does Formstack’s API Work?

Formstack is an online form building platform. Formstack API is organised around objects that are involve in form creation and submission.

A user logs in to the platform, create a Form that has Fields for collecting data and share the link to the form with the target audience that can access the Form, fill in their data and make a final submission.

How to programmatically Submit a Form to Formstack

This is how I migrated my data and the undocumented changes I discovered

So, Laragon 3.0 was released, it has all the services in 64-bit by default and other shinny new changes. The news was on and oh yea! I want one. In a jiffy, I downloaded the distributions for wamp, nodejs and java.

Then began my travails:

I did not read the release notes or any migration guide. I installed the new program blindly. After a successfully installation, I start the program and click on start all to turn on Apache http server and MySql server. As usual, I…

We will build a simple desktop application that will translate English text to Morse Code and vice-versa in very simple steps plus an overview of Java GUI

This is how our final app will look like

This is going to be an introductory lesson into the world of Graphics User Interface (GUI) with Java Programming language. (confession: am in love with Java)

Translation Logic

First before diving into the graphics part, let’s look at the driving logic.

HashMap (a sub-class of Map which is Key-Value store) is used to build our dictionary of English letters and their corresponding Morse code. So we have something like this:

private HashMap<String, String> englishToMorseLib =…

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